Why Choose Personal Trainer Food?

It's easy on the wallet

What's the most affordable weight loss meal delivery service that actually works? Surprise! It's Personal Trainer Food.

We have plans that will fit your budget, with meals starting at less than $5 each. That's less than the drive-thru, and much better for you, too!

In fact, many of our customers say that they save time and money when they order Personal Trainer Food compared to eating out or going to the grocery store. And they love the fact that they don't have to worry about making the wrong choices at the store.

What's better than skipping the trip to the grocery store? After a long day at work, knowing that a healthy dinner is ready and waiting for you is... priceless.


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talk About PTF:

If you think about how much it would cost to buy all of the food…and how much time it saves you, it is completely worth it in my book. Completely. -- Kayla

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