Tell me about your shakes.

How do these not stall weight loss?

We've heard from many people just like you who said that having a sweet 'treat' or some chocolate for snacks will help them stay on track during their program.

When we added these shakes, we made sure the formula was high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. At just 100 calories per serving, they make a perfectly balanced snack for in-between your PTF meals so you won’t gain weight.

Meats, eggs, and veggies are still #1 for weight loss, but we feel that helping you stick to the plan by offering a healthy alternative to sweets is an important factor to your success as well.


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My clothes fit better, I have developed better lifestyle habits, and I am more energetic in the mornings. If you want a better, healthier, thinner lifestyle-- choose PTF!!! -- Meghan

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